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Aramat Drawdes of Alabaster reserved by pashchan ([plurk.com profile] pashchan)
Augustine Sycamore of Pokemon XY reserved by Runner ([plurk.com profile] RunnerRPAwaker)
Connie Mahaswaran of Steven Universe reserved by DS ([plurk.com profile] digitalsocrates)
Crow Hogan of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's reserved by TEN ([plurk.com profile] jesii)
Reira Akaba of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V reserved by Usagi ([plurk.com profile] usagisquared)
Shiro Fujimoto of Blue Exorcist reserved by Mandy ([plurk.com profile] husbando)
Souta Higurashi of InuYasha reserved by Vale ([personal profile] anotherknowitall)
Yellow Diamond of Steven Universe reserved by jabbers ([plurk.com profile] jabbers)

  • Reserves are currently OPEN.
  • We allow one reserve and one application at a time.
  • Reserves expire five days after apps open.
  • Challenge reserves and applications are allowed.
  • Challenge reserves will expire on the same date as the one they are challenging.
  • If applying for a supervisor position, please specify which one in the comment title.
  • Use this form and fill out all the information:

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