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Hello, all, this is Casey and Maggie (players of Ginko and Tanyuu, your local Absolutely Not Potheads) with another small mushi plot, this time helped along by the ever so wonderful Foster whom we all love and adore. (...that’s a joke. You’re allowed to laugh.) This should run for about a week, and a log will be going up for any and all mushi shenanigans in a few days.


Where Ginko and Tanyuu are from, there are creatures called mushi - strange, ethereal organisms that exist in a state unlike that of other living things. Mushi are invisible to most people, but their effects can be quite noticeable nonetheless, and they can cause a lot of trouble for humans on occasion. Usually this only occurs when there is a very large concentration of mushi in the same place, but Ginko attracts mushi as a natural part of his existence/being/soul/what-have-you. As a result, since they aren’t really bound by the barriers between realms, they fairly frequently drift into the carnival. Most aren’t dangerous, and those workers who happen to be able to see them may have caught sight of some odd, glowing creatures clinging to walls or floating around. (There is no hard rule for who can and cannot see mushi, but supernaturally-inclined characters could be more likely to perceive them. Even the most mundane person could be able to, though, so don’t feel restricted in that sense!)

Normally, Ginko and Tanyuu try to keep the number of mushi in the carnival down through the use of “mushi tobacco” - which isn’t actually tobacco at all, but a mix of herbs that, when burned as incense or in cigarettes, produces a smoke that repels mushi. However, recently, their entire supply has mysteriously gone missing (which is to say, Foster van Denend, local Talker and former cow, stole and hid all of it). As such, starting on Day 87, the number of mushi in the carnival will steadily begin climbing, and continue until Ginko and Tanyuu get hold of the repellent again on Day 90.


There are going to be many, many different kinds of mushi swarming the carnival, of all different varieties. Some will cause strange illnesses, and others will simply be a nuisance to their surroundings.

Yukidangomushi: These tiny mushi roll on top of snow, forming ever-growing snowballs as they move. When the snowball gets too big, the mushi will crash into whatever is nearby - whether that’s a tree or a person - to break it apart. These will be rolling around in the mountains by the lake.

Un: A returning infestation from the last plot, Un are little snail-like mushi that devour sound in the area where they nest. This will create pockets of silence all around the carnival, so maybe learn how to lip-read for a while.

Kagebi: A small blue flame that is actually visible to anyone, kagebi infest fires and turn them cold as they absorb the body heat of those who try to warm themselves by them. Food heated by a kagebi flame (and yes, they CAN get into gas burners, sorry guys) will seem to be cooked but actually be ice cold, and when not in a fire they hide inside covered containers.

Shimi: Essentially mostly-invisible silverfish. However, they eat paper much faster than a non-mushi pest would, so… maybe hope they don’t get into your books.


Characters can become infected by mushi and pick up a strange illness, which can range from the annoyance of a particularly nasty cold to something much more life-threatening. Nothing will actually have the time to successfully kill anyone before Ginko and Tanyuu’s herbs are recovered, thankfully, but the danger is still there.

Mizukagami: A mercury-like mushi that will be inhabiting the carnival’s lake. If someone looks at their reflection in the mizukagami, it will rise from the lake and follow them, gradually sapping their energy. The mizukagami will eventually try to take its “host’s” place as a solid being and turn them into mushi, but will dissolve if it sees its own reflection in the moment before it replaces them.

Manakonoyami: These mushi infect their host’s eyes, making them extremely sensitive to light to the point that any light at all causes intense pain. However, withdrawing into darkness will only cause the mushi to multiply, making the host’s condition more severe. If caught early, manakonoyami can be treated with medicine.

Tokoyuki: Tokoyuki resemble snowflakes, and will swirl in swarms around their host, stealing their body heat. Someone infected by tokoyuki will have snow falling over them constantly, but won’t feel the cold and will actually find any heat painful. While it usually isn’t fatal, hosts may suffer frostbite. Tokoyuki can be driven out through consistent heat exposure over a couple of days.

Tamashi-ka: Worm-like mushi that feed on their host’s life force; though not generally fatal, a severe tamashi-ka infection can be extremely unpleasant. On the other hand, being infected with tamashi-ka can enhance one’s ability to see mushi, or allow someone to see them who normally can’t - which might not be a bright side, depending on how you feel about suddenly being aware of all that.

If none of these options strike your fancy, we can also wildcard some mushi types for you all! Given the wide range of forms, effects, and range of lethality, it won’t be any problem to create (or find a canon mushi) to suit your needs! Just reply below with this form, and we’ll work out something that fits for you!

Characters are absolutely free to help search for the missing mushi tobacco, but the confrontation with Foster has been privately plotted out already and will go down in a closed log. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know below.

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