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Innocence Gone Wild

Hey there! This is Nico with a player plot that will happen sometime in the future! I'm not sure when, because the lead-up is a slow burn, but anyone who wants to join in is absolutely invited! If you've got a dark-aligned character (i.e. demonic, Dark Matter, etc.), you have the chance to be hunted by a bloodthirsty, "divine" power called Innocence! Coming soon to a carnival near you.


Allen is infected by a divine, sentient parasite called Innocence. His is named Crown Clown. Its purpose is to destroy the Akuma, demonic skeletons forced into a corpse bound with the soul of that corpse's loved one. The Innocence hungers for it, and when it goes too long without destroying demonic creatures, it grows bloodthirsty. Enough so that it will force Allen to destroy such creatures, even if they are his friends.

Due to this Innocence being a part of Allen -- his left arm, to be exact -- he is a weapon. Destroying the Akuma and protecting humanity is the only purpose he has in life. It's the only way for him to feel alive. After being unable to fight in Hellbound Hallows, many failures to come, and an inability to fight Akuma for far too long . . . Allen's depression and anxiety will come to a head just as his Innocence's hunger goes over the edge.


LEVEL 1: Allen's left arm will go ballistic and begin hunting down every demonic/dark-aligned person in the carnival that signs up for this, controlling Allen's body like a puppet! It will take the form of his claw, pulling his body along and slashing at people. If his body gets too mangled or he fights it too much, Crown Clown's belts will then forcibly move his body like the strings of a marionette.

LEVEL 2: Inevitably, Allen will either one, become so near death, the Innocence will prioritize keeping him alive, or two, someone will restrain Allen's body enough that the Innocence can no longer move him.

How this stage goes is largely up to all of you! Either one of his "victims" restrains him or beats him bloody, or someone in patrol will stop him or beat him bloody. The goal is to keep this contained enough that the Ringmaster doesn't get involved before Allen gets caught, but the damage extensive enough that it's fun to play with!

Aftermath: Extreme guilt!!! Allen will publicly apologize before locking himself up forever. Or someone punches some sense into him and drags him back out. #squadgoals Depending on how badly he hurt some people, he may try to make it up to them with acts of service.

It's up to the RM what happens to him beyond that. Likely, his arm will be bound so it won't negatively affect carnival workers any longer.


Benny Hill: Allen's Crown Clown will chase after you without you getting too hurt. Great for comedy and small injuries!
Collateral: You're in the wrong place and the wrong time, buddy. You may not be demonic in any way, but you're still getting caught in the storm.
Injury: The furthest Allen will get is injury, from the smallest cut to the biggest gaping wound. You won't die! But there will be blood.

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