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Sometimes, the player knows best - so this is the page for submitting your plot ideas, suggestions, and proposals for the mods to look at! Lost Carnival is always open to the idea of player plots, and plans to even go as far as letting players run entire world tours, if they are so inclined. Here is an idea of what you could use this page for:
  • Asking for approval to run a self contained event or plot that will involve a large number of characters or make an impact on the rest of the game.
  • Inquiring about timing and logistical concerns regards mod plots that are currently being run.
  • Submitting ideas for worlds you'd like the carnival to visit, or general ideas that you'd like to see more of.
  • Submitting a proposal for a tour of a world that you'd like to plan and moderate! This is best used for if you'd like the carnival to go to the world your character comes from, which the mods may not be familiar with. We would be happy to accommodate something like this, but of course we would be unable to moderate a setting we are unfamiliar with ourselves.
  • Asking for permission to do things to NPCs or asking about what NPCs are going to do to you.
  • Anything else plot related!
Comment are currently unscreened, though if you want to keep a plot secret we can take it to a private channel instead. Otherwise, we'd like to leave it open so that the community has an idea of what is on the table, and so they can second ideas that they like.

Formatting for plots:
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[personal profile] small_reservations 2017-06-26 02:35 am (UTC)(link)

Hello, all! This is Art, presenting an idea I've been noodling for months and have mentioned in chat once or twice.


Upon leaving the carnival, the trees begin to change. They start to have shelves, bearing tiny books, and get bigger and bigger as you go, as do their contents. The world is filled with animals who care for the trees and organize their books, and save them from threats such as fire, predators, tree death, and truant borrowers. Interestingly, all sounds here drop to the level of a loud whisper.


MANIC MONKEYS: These little monkeys are everywhere, constantly organizing books. They're avid readers, and love stories. They will be fascinated by the carnival goers, but no more than they are by any of the...
READERS: The carnival is not the only world that touches this one. It's a crossroads for many intelligent beings, mostly human-looking, though some are more... exotic. Giant bugs, for instance. Cyborgs. Three-headed giants. But they're all here to read.
ABECEDARIAN ELEPHANTS AND DEWEY DECIMAL GIRAFFES: Elephants and Donkeys seemed too on-the-nose. Two factions of animals that disagree on how to organize the library. Their organization battles are the things of legends, or at least legends of passive-aggression.
OTHER ANIMALS: There are many animals in the library, and each serves a function. Feel free to make up your own!


PREDATORS: Sometimes, there are too many monkeys. Sometimes, someone has a book overdue. The solution to these problems? Giant tigers, large lions, and other very big predators. Borrow wisely.

FINALLY BOOKS! The carnival will be paid in books the library has more than one copy of and was going to donate to the large interdimensional book sale.

Borrowing books may instigate changes, either bestial or related to their contents. Again, borrow wisely. Changes up to uncommon level will be possible for those that read in excess.
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[personal profile] small_reservations 2017-06-26 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
OK! What exactly would you be looking for? More dangers, rewards, detail in general description? There are no examples around, so I've got nothing to base it upon, y'see.
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[personal profile] small_reservations 2017-06-26 03:28 am (UTC)(link)
Alright, got it. I guess I just didn't realize that petitions for plot needed the same depth as the post itself!

Will think on this and repost with more depth within a week!