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Sometimes, the player knows best - so this is the page for submitting your plot ideas, suggestions, and proposals for the mods to look at! Lost Carnival is always open to the idea of player plots, and plans to even go as far as letting players run entire world tours, if they are so inclined. Here is an idea of what you could use this page for:
  • Asking for approval to run a self contained event or plot that will involve a large number of characters or make an impact on the rest of the game.
  • Inquiring about timing and logistical concerns regards mod plots that are currently being run.
  • Submitting ideas for worlds you'd like the carnival to visit, or general ideas that you'd like to see more of.
  • Submitting a proposal for a tour of a world that you'd like to plan and moderate! This is best used for if you'd like the carnival to go to the world your character comes from, which the mods may not be familiar with. We would be happy to accommodate something like this, but of course we would be unable to moderate a setting we are unfamiliar with ourselves.
  • Asking for permission to do things to NPCs or asking about what NPCs are going to do to you.
  • Anything else plot related!
Comment are currently unscreened, though if you want to keep a plot secret we can take it to a private channel instead. Otherwise, we'd like to leave it open so that the community has an idea of what is on the table, and so they can second ideas that they like.

Formatting for plots:
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too long, spill over to a second comment


SEPARATION: It was as if he’d said, “No, don’t kill me, I’m frightened; kill my mother instead; she doesn’t matter, I don’t love her,” and as if she’d heard him say it, and pretended she hadn’t so as to spare his feelings, and offered herself in his place anyway because of her love for him. He felt as bad as that. There was nothing worse to feel.

In most cases, getting too far from your dæmon will kill you. Being more than twenty feet or so apart causes increasingly sharp emotional and physical pain, described as intense sorrow and love and a wrenching ache which only ease when they’re touching again. It’s possible for one half of someone to literally drag the other somewhere they’re really conflicted about going to, so death by separation can’t just casually happen. However it’s entirely possible to die by one half going off a cliff without the other, or boarding an elevator or a fast car. Any hurt to a dæmon you will feel yourself, too. Be careful.

Witches, and some humans, may learn to be further from their dæmons, but it requires going into places where dæmons can’t follow, experiencing the pain of deliberate step-by-step separation, and living. Characters who have been dead or had their souls removed may have gone through a similar enough process that they and their dæmons can be apart without issue, though they’re at their best and sharpest when both halves are together.

SPECTRES: Well, when a Specter catch a grownup, that’s bad to see. They eat the life out of them there and then, all right. At first they know it’s happening, and they’re afraid; they cry and cry. They try and look away and pretend it ain’ happenin’, but it is. It’s too late. And no one ain’ gonna go near them, they on they own. Then they get pale and they stop moving. They still alive, but it’s like they been eaten from the inside. You look in they eyes, you see the back of they heads. Ain’ nothing there.

Properly known as Spectres of Indifference, these are vague shapes that seem to be made out of mist or heat-haze or light reflecting on water. They can be taken as humanoid in shape, or as treelike. They eat the souls of adults, a horribly unpleasant process that usually takes a minute or so. No magic or weapon on this world can harm or contain them, and they’re able to seep through the tiniest openings in walls.

Someone whose soul has been consumed breathes and may with great effort look towards something making noise or hurting them, but understands, feels, thinks, does nothing. Even if they’re standing in running water they will do nothing but make the constant small motions to stay upright until they die of thirst. Do not get your soul eaten.

Fortunately, these Spectres can’t cross deep water or reach above twelve feet in the air. As soon as any quarry they pursue goes out of reach they lose interest. Presently all Spectres in this part of the world are confined to Kerner Island, where the portal facility is. Children and teens whose dæmons are unsettled are of no interest to Spectres and in fact can’t see them. As they grow close to settling the Spectres start to follow them around and their dæmons start to see flickers of the creatures.

Adolescents not quite settled and people who can keep their dæmons out of reach - whether these are bears who take off their armor or human types with their souls at great distance or as flying creatures over twelve feet up - can endure some proximity to Spectres, but unlike younger children they are still affected and will feel nausea and a degree of discomfort and apathy, worse the longer they’re around the creatures. The best way to recover from this is by taking actions that attract more Dust. That is, telling stories, making art, taking an active interest in and understanding people.


Inevitably the wrong portal is opened on Kerner Island and something that can fit through a child-sized hole in the air slips through and is more than a fourteen-year-old with hasty security training can handle, and may or may not be able to escape the island. The local authorities would be able to handle it eventually and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for a seasoned carnie, but it would be embarrassing to get savaged by a random Tektite.

Characters who turned into armored bears can keep an uncommon change related to that. This may include an increased aptitude to shaping metal and sensing its weak and strong points, or a better ability to tell if someone is lying.

Soon after leaving this world charater’s dæmons will fade away and become internal again, but characters can purchase a simple spell to manifest theirs for short periods. The spell can be recast as often as they like. Outside of the Carnival, if they visit any world with their dæmon which doesn’t have dæmons, then only people who can see spirits will be able to see or hear them, no glamour needed.
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Final, fancier/longer version of this proposal is here.