starseedling: (death uber for cutie)
Steven Universe ([personal profile] starseedling) wrote in [personal profile] ringleaders 2017-01-06 04:11 am (UTC)

Reward Type: Magic - Spell (Simple)
Link to AC Post: a
Description: Fae magic is going to start accentuating Steven's existing empathetic abilities in order to concretely extend them to all life forms, as opposed to just gems. Essentially, this just means he'll be able to communicate emotionally with various life forms, to whatever degree they are capable of it. He won't be able to use this like a psychic attack - he can't enforce his emotions on other people, even if he can project them for the sake of communication, though he will potentially be overwhelmed by the emotions of other people in intense social environments. It will be harder to communicate this way the further he is from his target, and works best at close range.

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