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20PT ITEM REGAIN (SIMPLE): A relatively small object collected from your homeworld that is either non-magical, or very simple in its purpose. Regular personal items such as books, tools, or other practical items are included in this category. Magical items must have one specific use, and can be nothing that would qualify as a significant power in their own right. For example, a mirror that specifically shows you one room only would be okay. A mirror that can show you any location you wish would not be.

40PT ITEM REGAIN (COMPLEX): An object collected from your homeworld that has a complex, functional purpose, created with either magic or technology. Things like computers, motorcycles, and enchanted clothes or jewelry would be included in this category, provided they don't qualify for the next one.

60PT ITEM REGAIN (DEADLY): Any objected retrieved from your homeworld, magic or otherwise, whose primary function is to inflict injury or death. A small dagger could be considered a simple regain, but swords, guns, bombs, poisons, and anything commonly associated with murder and which could easily inflict it will be part of this category. These are more expensive because the ringmaster generally requires more trust in a person to grant them such items, and will refuse to do so if your character has a bad track record.

30PT MAGIC ITEM (SIMPLE): A relatively small and simple enchanted item, bound to the same limitations as the "simple item regain" listed above, except it will either be created by the ringmaster or gifted to you from the carnival's private stores. Requests for these cannot be incredibly specific, as it is entirely reliant on what the carnival actually possesses, and so what you end up getting will probably be a bit of a surprise. The ringmaster will make the decision based on your character's more general request.

60PT MAGIC ITEM (COMPLEX): A magical item given to you by the ringmaster that is complex in its function or offers significant utility. The same rules apply as above, and the exact item given to your character will be up to the ringmaster's discretion. Items like skeleton keys that can open any door, or scrying tools that actually work would be included in this section.

80PT MAGIC ITEM (DEADLY): Any magical item given to you by the carnival which has the primary function of inflicting death or pain upon other creatures. The ringmaster is hardly a pacifist, but she won't just hand over this stuff to anyone, and will refuse to do so if your character has a bad track record.

20PT FAVOUR (SMALL): The ringmaster will provide you with a small favour in exchange for your built up good karma. These are things that are useful to you but do not cost her a significant amount of effort, like allowing you to borrow one of her belongings or assigning you a few cinder spirits to do your bidding for a while. These requests are judged on a case to case basis.

60PT FAVOUR (BIG): Any favour granted by the ringmaster that will require a significant amount of her time, such as teaching you a new skill or building something that you would personally find useful into the carnival's architecture. These favours are flexible in content, but will be judged on a case to case basis.

70PT REBIRTH (ONE USE): The only method through which a character can come back to life in Lost Carnival, is if they have previously made a deal with the ringmaster that will allow her to capture their spirit and resurrect their body. This cannot be bought after you have already died, as keeping your soul from departing requires a small ritual set up and commitment put in place before the death occurs. Once she has prepared said ritual, it will lay dormant indefinitely until your character happens to die, at which point she will be able to resurrect them in her own special way. This is only good for one use and will have to be bought again afterwards. Going through the resurrection will very likely result in a character developing a Rare Change.

40PT CHANGE (UNCOMMON): Your character straight up asks for the ringmaster to change them in a particular way. Of course, this is only gaining fae traits, and not getting rid of them.

60PT CHANGE (RARE): Your character asks for the ringmaster to change them, except it's something particularly major and rare.

40PT SPELL (SIMPLE): The ringmaster will teach you a single, simple spell that you will be able to use as much as your magical stamina allows. Previous magical knowledge is not necessarily required. For characters already experienced with magic, they won't necessarily have to go through the ringmaster to do this, and buying this reward will just be considered OOC permission to have the character figure it out, either instinctually or with active effort. Simple spells are basic cantrips, such as creating a light for yourself, lighting candles with your fingers, filling glasses with water magically, and other basic things.

80PT SPELL (COMPLEX): The same as above, except more complex and useful. This can be just about anything, though the cost of a spell may be adjusted if you are asking for something really flexible or significant. It is possible that a character could learn this themselves if they have a magical background, but please ask the mods before assuming. Otherwise, this will have to be taught by the ringmaster or other senior staff of the carnival. A complex spell basically amounts to having a new, flexible magical ability. A complex spell can grow out of a simple spell, and if you've already purchased the simple version of a technique you can pay off the rest of the 80pts to upgrade it to complex without having to start fresh.

100PT SPELL (DEADLY): The cost to be taught any spell that has the primary function of murder or warfare. The ringmaster doesn't teach this kind of thing to just anyone and, again, will refuse to do so if your character has proven to be worrisome. A complex spell can be upgraded to deadly by paying off the difference in points.

130PT MAGIC (AREA OF STUDY): This is a reward only available to characters with a history of magical study or research, or characters who are putting considerable effort into learning while in game. This represents a general understanding of a broader category of fae magic, as opposed to individual spells which gives a relatively specific ability. Those who have purchased a magical area of study can experiment within the confines of their subject, and create new spells related to the topic with enough effort.