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A spreadsheet map of The Backyard.


'The Backyard' is the typical nickname for where all the workers and performers live in between shows. It's a partially wooded area with long rows of trailers set up, each somehow unique both outside and inside. They look like they've been grabbed from all over the place, as if the Ringmaster has been forming a collection of RVs over time.

The insides have just as much variety, though they do share a few things in common: two bunks, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, a couch and a dining table. Any other utilities tend to vary depending on the individual and what they've brought in. There are no channels to access with TVs, but they can be used to watch movies if your character is inclined to get one. Pets are allowed, and workers are allowed to use the ground around the trailers to plant gardens if they see fit.

Workers may modify their trailers within reasonable boundaries, though destroying or damaging them could earn them an extended contract. Workers will have access to simple wooden mail boxes if they desire them, but are allowed to modify these or use their own mail collecting devices as required.

Upon entering the game with a new character, you have two choices:

1) You may enter your character here to be randomly assigned a roomate with someone else int he carnival.

2) You may select your own roommate on an OOC or IC basis, and report here with what characters you would like to be paired. This can be done with either two new character, or one new character and an old character who currently needs a roommate. This can only be done with the OOC consent of both players involved.

ICly, characters are assigned their trailer on the first day of their arrival. If your character is too big or oddly shaped to share a trailer, ask the mods about it and alternative lodgings can be prepared for them.

New Character Form:

New Roommate Request:

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