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A gift given by the Ringmaster to those that went into hell to rescue carnival members from vampires, the phoenix fruit is a miniature version of a tree from her homeland. They resemble small citrus trees, with fruits that will grow to be yellow, orange, or red depending on the particular breed. The ones given out to carnival members will be random in colour. (You can choose!) The trees take only 2-3 weeks to grow to full maturity, but the seeds cannot be transplanted to create new trees without magical aid. When the fruits become ripe, they begin to faintly glow, as if with inner candle light.

Yellow fruits have regenerative properties. Eating them will cause injuries to heal faster, and will help to eradicate illness. Orange fruits stimulate the mind, allowing one to remain awake and attentive far longer than normal, though constant use of them may have detrimental effects. Red fruits cause an experience similar to an intense adrenaline surge when eaten, allowing one to perform physical and spiritual feats that would usually be beyond them.

When fully grown, each plant will sprout roughly one new fruit every day or two. They will never get much larger than the miniature size indicated.
Named for their burning blossoms, Candlewick Trees are fairly average looking besides the fact that their flowers burn with real fire. Thankfully, this fire doesn't seem to be harmful to the tree itself.

This is what happens when Steven Universe licks a fertile phoenix fruit seed and gives the lemons sentience. These lemon birds are born from the Phoenix Fruit tree growing in the Supervisor Grove, and spawn roughly one first every few days. Fortunately, they don't seem to be breeding, though they have already started spreading into the forest.
It's not so much the Slenderman as it is a Slenderman. In this case, Slenderman has roughly the intelligence of a particularly social animal, and needs to be entertained and mentally enriched lest he get bored and start kidnapping children. His arms and legs are like long tendrils, and he can appear out of the shadows from just about anywhere. Thankfully, it's usually just because he wants to play fetch, or wants his suit pressed.
The Rat King (affectionately named "Rex"), is a giant rat that grows a new head for every year of its life. Presently, it has seven heads, and is quite friendly and tame by carnival standards. Rex likes the same things that most rats do.
► "COCO"
"Coco" is a large and belligerent Exeggutor from the Alola islands, currently roaming the forests that surround the carnival grounds. After chasing Jonothan Strange into the carnival, the Ringmaster saw fit to adopt it as her own - which means that even if it tries to Dragon Hammer you into the ground, you're still obligated to be gentle with it.
Following a vacation in the Alola isles, a lot of carnival members ended up bringing a Pokemon partner along with them. The species vary, and all of them are under the care of specific individuals, but it is not uncommon to see them wandering around the grounds. Most of them are friendly, but it can definitely vary.
After the carnival opened a portal to hell, those guarding the gateway failed to prevent a number of hellbats from escaping onto the grounds. Thankfully, those hellbats managed to be mostly tamed by a few workers in the Cookhouse, and so most of their population now peacefully lives inside the kitchen stoves. They are basically just a bunch of weird looking bats who are on fire all the time.
A kraken that lives in the river running through the Tunnel of Love attraction. A moody beast, it has very specific opinions about shipping, and may either be over eager or straight up curmudgeonly depending on who is passing through the tunnel at any given time. It's not all bad, though. Given the chance, it could probably be an excellent wingman.

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