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The Ringmaster is the absolute leader of the carnival, and ultimately any major decisions will come down to her prerogative. However, directly beneath here there are ten leaders called 'supervisors,' who administrate various divisions of the carnival with her supervision.

Supervisor positions, when open, can be applied for by players the same way that regular veteran characters can be. It is expected that supervisor character will have been in the carnival for at least one full year when applied for, and will have held a regular position for at least six months before being promoted. On an OOC level, supervisors are considered to be a hybrid NPC/player character. While a supervisor will remain largely under the player's control, their status will require them to take on extra IC and OOC duties as required by the carnival's structure.

For example, when playing the Warden, it means that if there was a crime committed within the carnival it would be your IC and OOC responsibility to organize the characters within that division to attempt to solve it. That doesn't mean your character has to be the one to solve the mystery, or that their organizational attempts need to be successful, but your character does have to actually attempt do their jobs, and will have to be available to the characters that work beneath them as a leader. Most of the time the day to day affairs of these jobs can be handwaved, but barring special circumstances, you will need to be on call to facilitate game plots when necessary.

If you dislike organizing plots or fielding IC questions, it is not recommended that you apply for a supervisor position. Of course, there is also some variance in the amount of organization required for each supervisor - for example, the Head Cook is not nearly as likely to be called on for plot purposes as a role like the Nightrunner or Foreman would be.

Empty supervisor positions after game start can be applied for by in-game characters and by characters apped-in as returning veterans.

The Ringmaster is the woman (fae) in charge, and she is the absolute boss of you. She keeps an eye on all the divisions of the carnival, as well as being the head of the show in the big top. She's happy to leave business to her supervisors most of the time, but won't hesitate to butt in if something peaks her interest. She enjoys meddling in people's personal business, and considers herself extremely capable of pointing people's lives in a better direction. She tends to spent a lot of time around the supervisors in particular, and usually attempts to cultivate a sense of camaraderie with them. She enjoys spying on all of her workers, and probably thinks you are very interesting.

Supervised positions:
  • All of them.


The Warden is the head of security on the carnival grounds, and could be compared to something like the local sheriff. They are in charge of both keeping outsiders from causing trouble and keeping workers from betraying the carnival or running off. When the carnival rules are broken, it's their job to organize the troops and get things sorted out. When it comes to obvious infractions, they are entitled to act as the judge, jury, and executioner.

Supervised positions:
  • Bouncer: A primarily stationary guard who filters out rowdy visitors and protects their assigned attractions from thieves.
  • Patrol: A mobile police force that investigates crimes that take place in the carnival and are on call to show up and ward off aggressive or malicious visitors.


The Foreman is the one responsible for making sure the trains run on time, so to speak. They are the one that organizes the many mundane things that keep the carnival running. Need a new tent set up? The Foreman will organize it. Is there a mess in the cook house? The Foreman will send some of the cleaning staff to sort it out. It could be considered a somewhat thankless job, with how much of what they do is lost behind the scenes.

Supervised positions:
  • Roustabout: The most basic of unskilled labourers who are assigned various kinds of menial jobs depending on what needs to be done at any give moment. A large portion of the roustabouts are comprised of creatures called “cinder spirits”, which are ostensibly specters that have been bound to serve the carnival. They don’t generally talk.
  • Janitor: A labourer with a specific focus on sanitation and cleaning work. Expect a lot of mopping and scrubbing.
  • Ride Jockey: Someone who runs and accepts admission for a ride, such as making the ferris wheel go round.
  • Game Operator: Someone who runs a game booth such as a ring toss or bottle throw, and is encouraged to lure patrons into playing. Most games are relatively honest, and only mildly to moderately rigged to be challenging.
  • Animal Keeper: Tasked with the daily maintenance of the carnival’s animals, including feeding and grooming. Yes, scooping up poop is your job, too.


The Treasurer is responsible for organizing and keeping track of the fiscal supplies and wealth of the carnival. This can be anything from standard currency, gold, and jewels, to more abstract things like siphoned mana or cursed artifacts. It's also one of the most important positions in the carnival, and demands a great deal of trust from the Ringmaster. She values her belongings a great deal, and the punishment for skimming off the top could be severe indeed.

Supervised positions:
  • Cashier: Accepts payment for tickets and other admission at an admission booth. Considered to be unskilled labour.
  • Talker: Assigned to use persuasive skills to talk up crowd members and advertise various shows or attractions. Expected to use more cunning than just yelling at the crowd to generate sales.
  • Shill: Someone who goes around pretending to be a customer and “playing” games so that they can pretend win and give the impression that getting the best prizes is plausible.
  • Agent: Someone skilled enough to run games that require an active sales pitch to get people to play. Considered to be tiers above a regular game runner, and must be skilled at persuasion.
  • Patch: Patrols the game booths and watches for ornery customers that have become angry at being cheated or something similar. Their job is to “patch” up the situation and to pacify the customer with diplomacy.


Despite his seemingly carefree and bubbly attitude, Joker is probably one of the most qualified people in the carnival to act as Stage Manager having been a ringleader once himself. In contrast to what people might think, he regularly keeps those under his wings practicing hard although he at least allows a short "adjustment period" for new workers to the carnival. People who try to skimp are cheerfully hunted down to be dragged back. Not satisfied with only those the Ringmaster has assigned to him, however, Joker is known for convincing workers in other areas to giving showtime a shot. It helps that he has a wealth of circus skills he's always glad to pass onto others: knife throwing, tightrope walking, aerial silks, and various other miscellaneous talents accumulated over the years. During practices in the big top, it's just as probable to see Joker practicing with his performers as anything.

Supervised positions:
  • Showman: A general term of any kind of performer. Showmen are some of the most high profile and respected positions in the carnival.
  • Acrobat: A performer whose act focuses on incredible acts of athleticism or flexibility.
  • Daredevil: A performer who risks injury by performing death-defying stunts for the entertainment of the crowd.
  • Beast Tamer: A performer whose act involves interactions with various beasts, or potentially one specific creature as a partner.
  • Wrestler: Combatants who fight for the entertainment of the crowd, and challenge audience members for the chance to win large prizes.
  • Magician: A performer who utilizes illusion, trickery, or genuine magic to create “impossible” stunts to dazzle the crowd.
  • Clown: A humorous entertainer that kills time in between performances, amusing the crowd until the next showman is ready.


The Wardrobe Manager works alongside the Stage Manager to make things happen on stage. They are responsible for arranging costumes for the entire carnival, whether that be uniforms for the workers or outlandish costumes for the showmen. They ideally have underlings to help them get everyone ready, but at the end of the day they are in charge of making sure you look fabulous.

Supervised positions:
  • Makeup: Prepared performers for the stage by applying the necessary makeup and hair styling.
  • Tailor: Creates clothing from raw materials, and repairs costumes that may become damaged during performances.
  • Designer: Designs costumes for various acts, and submits them to their supervisor for approval. Approved costumes are made by the tailors. Also in charge of dressing up performers with existing clothing when necessary.


The Head Cook runs the main cook house of the carnival, and is responsible for arranging the preparation of all the food in the carnival, whether that be meals for the workers or for the guests. They have the benefit of easy access to rare materials from all over the universe, but an ideal applicant is expected to have a diverse and interesting knowledge of cooking ­that includes being able to adapt to cooking for non-humans. They are a good person to have on your side, especially if you enjoy midnight snacks.

Supervised positions:
  • Line Cook: Aids the head cook in the preparation of food, usually through more menial tasks like chopping vegetables or preparing other base ingredients.
  • Concessions: Sells food and drinks from concession stands set up around the carnival, separate from the main cookhouse. May or may not actually prepare said food.


It's no exaggeration to say that, being literally made to perform this kind of work, Peridot is beyond qualified to meet all of the carnival's tech and mechanical needs. Unfortunately for her underlings, her leadership skills are nowhere close to the same level. Peridot desperately wants to ensure that she's the coolest and most impressive boss on the block, and that her team is aware of how great and likable she is as a person! Alas, her efforts to this end are occasionally undercut by the fact that she's still kind of figuring how to interact with organics in a polite and respectful manner, without being patronizing and overly demanding. But hey, as long as you get your work done quickly and efficiently while also providing top notch quality results, and you're always at work on time, and never call out sick, or goof off, and you never ever make any mistakes ever, and you don't mind that she's not very understanding or sympathetic to the limitations of the organic body, you shouldn't have anything to worry about!

Supervised positions:
  • Lighting/SFX Tech: Provides lighting and special effects during performances.
  • Repairman: Fixes broken equipment, machinery, and other odd jobs around the carnival.


The Acquisitioner is the one who goes out and collects supplies for the carnival, and keeps an inventory of what is needed. While a lot of the time this is legitimate supply fetching for things like food and raw material, this can also be a euphemism for "acquiring" valuable resources from the words the carnival visits - whether the residents like it or not. If you need something special, the Acquisitioner is your supplier.

Supervised positions:
  • Thief: Trained to straight up steal shit from the worlds that they visit, when necessary. Generally a part time role.
  • Conman: Much the same as the thieves, but instead uses cons to trick local populaces to get what the carnival wants or needs.


The exact role of the Nightrider can be a little bit mysterious. On a base level, though, the job is to scout out the new worlds the carnival visits to ensure safe passage, but on the down low the Nightrider is also the appointed leader of the carnival's militia. The offense to the Warden's defense, the Nightrider is in charge of running the taskforce that is sent out to deal with problems in the worlds the carnival visits. Sometimes it's a matter of collecting carnival employees from danger, but sometimes it's working as mercenaries for hire.

Supervised positions:
  • Scout: The first members of the carnival to visit new dimensional stops, to verify its safety and lucrative possibilities.
  • Mercenary: Members of the carnival that are trained to serve as mercenaries for hire, or to complete objectives in worlds they visit as the Ringmaster requests.


Zecora is the Doctor here
Her skill keeps health and wellness near.
Come to her and she will use
Her magic and her zebra brews.
Despite her powers, which are great
She'll also treat your mental state.
Calm and patient, smart and wise
A strong soul in a zebra guise.

But you'll notice if you watch her work
That her speech has a particular quirk...

Supervised positions:
  • Nurse: Aid the doctor in the care of wounded carnival members. Must know at least first aid along with providing extra hands.

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