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Sometimes, the player knows best - so this is the page for submitting your plot ideas, suggestions, and proposals for the mods to look at! Lost Carnival is always open to the idea of player plots, and plans to even go as far as letting players run entire world tours, if they are so inclined. Here is an idea of what you could use this page for:
  • Asking for approval to run a self contained event or plot that will involve a large number of characters or make an impact on the rest of the game.
  • Inquiring about timing and logistical concerns regards mod plots that are currently being run.
  • Submitting ideas for worlds you'd like the carnival to visit, or general ideas that you'd like to see more of.
  • Submitting a proposal for a tour of a world that you'd like to plan and moderate! This is best used for if you'd like the carnival to go to the world your character comes from, which the mods may not be familiar with. We would be happy to accommodate something like this, but of course we would be unable to moderate a setting we are unfamiliar with ourselves.
  • Asking for permission to do things to NPCs or asking about what NPCs are going to do to you.
  • Anything else plot related!
Comment are currently unscreened, though if you want to keep a plot secret we can take it to a private channel instead. Otherwise, we'd like to leave it open so that the community has an idea of what is on the table, and so they can second ideas that they like.

Formatting for plots:
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[personal profile] fourthscribe 2017-01-11 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)

HELLO EVERYONE, this is CaityCat and Maggie coming to you with a little player plot we've been cooking up for a while! It's not too huge, and something we hope to be bringing back periodically over the course of the game. It is entirely optional, but should hopefully provide some fun flavor to spice up the experience this month!


Where Ginko and Tanyuu are from, there are creatures called mushi - strange, ethereal organisms that exist in a state unlike that of other living things. Mushi are invisible to most people, but their effects can be quite noticeable nonetheless, and they can cause a lot of trouble for humans on occasion. Usually this only occurs when there is a very large concentration of mushi in the same place, but Ginko attracts mushi as a natural part of his existence/being/soul/what-have-you. As a result, since they aren’t really bound by the barriers between realms, they fairly frequently drift into the carnival. Most aren’t dangerous, and those workers who happen to be able to see them may have caught sight of some odd, glowing creatures clinging to walls or floating around (and this absolutely means people are free to just assume their character has seen these things). Every so often, though, something more troublesome ends up in the carnival.


Un: Un are snail-like mushi that feed off of sound. Usually they live in forests where the natural wildlife provides plenty of food for them, but when winter comes around the snow muffles things down to the point that the Un will migrate towards human settlements in search of sustenance. In this case, the Un drifted toward the carnival, which understandably has plenty of food available for them.

Ah: More problematic than Un, Ah are a much rarer mushi that live in symbiosis with Un. To those who see them, Ah are only visually distinguishable from Un in that their shells curl clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Functionally, they’re very different; Ah live near colonies of Un, eating the silence that they leave behind. A few of these have followed the Un into the carnival, and are in search of a much harder to find bit of quiet somewhere in the Ringmaster's realm.


Starting from January [date], colonies of Un will start infesting trailers and tents around the carnival, dulling or entirely removing any sound in that space depending on the size of the infestation. In some cases, they may even crawl into someone’s ear and eat any incoming sound, deafening their host on that side. It’s pretty annoying, but not really dangerous, and they’re easy to get rid of if the afflicted person goes to Zecora about it.

If an Ah happens to infect someone, the results are rather different, and much more serious: they will grow four small horns from their forehead, and all surrounding noises that are normally too quiet to be heard will be amplified into a constant, deafening roar that makes it incredibly difficult to discern individual sounds or sleep. In cases where Ah infections go untreated, the host will eventually weaken and die; however, if it’s caught and treated, they should be fine.

Anyone who wants to can have their character’s trailer (or ear) infested with Un, which will eat any sounds in that space/that they hear. If you want to have your character infected with Ah, please reply to the comment below; we’ll RNG three victims hosts at [time and date] EST!

There will be a network post going up soon where Ginko and Tanyuu will be asking about Un sightings or hearing problems around the carnival, and a log post for MUSHI SHENANIGANS. Let us know below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!
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[personal profile] kingsroads 2017-02-20 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)
so, I know we've talked via plurk about but this is just me making official legit plotting post strides towards Strange fucking everything up seven ways to sunday. Tentative plot: sometime after the Celebration, Strange just straight up uses that cursed object he bought in Atlantis b/c he's an idiot who doesn't think things through. I know info's needed on both ends and I'm okay doing this however y'all think it works best: I write up a plot format post after the mods tell me just what exactly the cursed ointment does, or the mods write up that plot format post after I tell y'all the relevant details about Strange's mental state. Whichever's easiest for y'all works best for me!
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[personal profile] kingsroads 2017-02-24 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Gotcha, gotcha! :)
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[personal profile] kingsroads 2017-03-10 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Now that the celebration event's winding down, just briefly popping back in here to say that I'm definitely still interested in running this event.
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[personal profile] whattaprick 2017-02-26 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
World idea: giant magical library. Yup, that's all it is, books everywhere. Big enough the students roped into curating it talk about some sections like you talk about climbers dying on the ascent to Mt Everest. No real solid idea of what would be there, but I'm thinking something like a cross between Pagemaster, Discworld, and that weird library in the Chronicles of Narnia where you could read books about your life.

Why is a carnival there? Who knows, libraries need entertainment too. Especially the sentient books, which just might whisper you their secrets if you please them enough...
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[personal profile] whattaprick 2017-03-09 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
Popping back in here before I forget ... I don't know how it'd work either, but adding an (optional) RNG element could be fun? Something like the Fairy Tale Meme to determine a 'role' and add a 'genre' (Horror/Romance/Mystery/etc) and characters are obliged to act it out accordingly (and will find themselves temporarily transformed during the duration, etc).

Visually, I'm also really envisioning it being like the Hundred Acre Wood segment of Kingdom Hearts.
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Event Idea

[personal profile] empty_vessel 2017-04-20 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
I'd like to run a small event at some point, entirely self-contained.

Magical Surge, and everyone gets random mutations for 24 hours, (I'd make up a chart to roll on.) Rainbow hair, extra eyes, taur for a day, all that kind of stuff.

After 24 hours everything goes back to Carnival levels of normal.

Should I PM you for scheduling and refining the details?
empty_vessel: The Man With The Plan (Default)

[personal profile] empty_vessel 2017-04-20 05:01 am (UTC)(link)

I'm happy to help contribute. If this will fit in well with a larger event, then I'm happy to chip in. :)
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[personal profile] dontpokethat 2017-04-20 11:53 pm (UTC)(link)

Hello, all, this is Casey and Maggie (players of Ginko and Tanyuu, your local Absolutely Not Potheads) with another small mushi plot, this time helped along by the ever so wonderful Foster whom we all love and adore. (...that’s a joke. You’re allowed to laugh.) This should run for about a week, and a log will be going up for any and all mushi shenanigans in a few days.


Where Ginko and Tanyuu are from, there are creatures called mushi - strange, ethereal organisms that exist in a state unlike that of other living things. Mushi are invisible to most people, but their effects can be quite noticeable nonetheless, and they can cause a lot of trouble for humans on occasion. Usually this only occurs when there is a very large concentration of mushi in the same place, but Ginko attracts mushi as a natural part of his existence/being/soul/what-have-you. As a result, since they aren’t really bound by the barriers between realms, they fairly frequently drift into the carnival. Most aren’t dangerous, and those workers who happen to be able to see them may have caught sight of some odd, glowing creatures clinging to walls or floating around. (There is no hard rule for who can and cannot see mushi, but supernaturally-inclined characters could be more likely to perceive them. Even the most mundane person could be able to, though, so don’t feel restricted in that sense!)

Normally, Ginko and Tanyuu try to keep the number of mushi in the carnival down through the use of “mushi tobacco” - which isn’t actually tobacco at all, but a mix of herbs that, when burned as incense or in cigarettes, produces a smoke that repels mushi. However, recently, their entire supply has mysteriously gone missing (which is to say, Foster van Denend, local Talker and former cow, stole and hid all of it). As such, starting on Day 87, the number of mushi in the carnival will steadily begin climbing, and continue until Ginko and Tanyuu get hold of the repellent again on Day 90.


There are going to be many, many different kinds of mushi swarming the carnival, of all different varieties. Some will cause strange illnesses, and others will simply be a nuisance to their surroundings.

Yukidangomushi: These tiny mushi roll on top of snow, forming ever-growing snowballs as they move. When the snowball gets too big, the mushi will crash into whatever is nearby - whether that’s a tree or a person - to break it apart. These will be rolling around in the mountains by the lake.

Un: A returning infestation from the last plot, Un are little snail-like mushi that devour sound in the area where they nest. This will create pockets of silence all around the carnival, so maybe learn how to lip-read for a while.

Kagebi: A small blue flame that is actually visible to anyone, kagebi infest fires and turn them cold as they absorb the body heat of those who try to warm themselves by them. Food heated by a kagebi flame (and yes, they CAN get into gas burners, sorry guys) will seem to be cooked but actually be ice cold, and when not in a fire they hide inside covered containers.

Shimi: Essentially mostly-invisible silverfish. However, they eat paper much faster than a non-mushi pest would, so… maybe hope they don’t get into your books.


Characters can become infected by mushi and pick up a strange illness, which can range from the annoyance of a particularly nasty cold to something much more life-threatening. Nothing will actually have the time to successfully kill anyone before Ginko and Tanyuu’s herbs are recovered, thankfully, but the danger is still there.

Mizukagami: A mercury-like mushi that will be inhabiting the carnival’s lake. If someone looks at their reflection in the mizukagami, it will rise from the lake and follow them, gradually sapping their energy. The mizukagami will eventually try to take its “host’s” place as a solid being and turn them into mushi, but will dissolve if it sees its own reflection in the moment before it replaces them.

Manakonoyami: These mushi infect their host’s eyes, making them extremely sensitive to light to the point that any light at all causes intense pain. However, withdrawing into darkness will only cause the mushi to multiply, making the host’s condition more severe. If caught early, manakonoyami can be treated with medicine.

Tokoyuki: Tokoyuki resemble snowflakes, and will swirl in swarms around their host, stealing their body heat. Someone infected by tokoyuki will have snow falling over them constantly, but won’t feel the cold and will actually find any heat painful. While it usually isn’t fatal, hosts may suffer frostbite. Tokoyuki can be driven out through consistent heat exposure over a couple of days.

Tamashi-ka: Worm-like mushi that feed on their host’s life force; though not generally fatal, a severe tamashi-ka infection can be extremely unpleasant. On the other hand, being infected with tamashi-ka can enhance one’s ability to see mushi, or allow someone to see them who normally can’t - which might not be a bright side, depending on how you feel about suddenly being aware of all that.

If none of these options strike your fancy, we can also wildcard some mushi types for you all! Given the wide range of forms, effects, and range of lethality, it won’t be any problem to create (or find a canon mushi) to suit your needs! Just reply below with this form, and we’ll work out something that fits for you!

Characters are absolutely free to help search for the missing mushi tobacco, but the confrontation with Foster has been privately plotted out already and will go down in a closed log. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know below.
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[personal profile] showmystar 2017-05-11 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
Innocence Gone Wild

Hey there! This is Nico with a player plot that will happen sometime in the future! I'm not sure when, because the lead-up is a slow burn, but anyone who wants to join in is absolutely invited! If you've got a dark-aligned character (i.e. demonic, Dark Matter, etc.), you have the chance to be hunted by a bloodthirsty, "divine" power called Innocence! Coming soon to a carnival near you.


Allen is infected by a divine, sentient parasite called Innocence. His is named Crown Clown. Its purpose is to destroy the Akuma, demonic skeletons forced into a corpse bound with the soul of that corpse's loved one. The Innocence hungers for it, and when it goes too long without destroying demonic creatures, it grows bloodthirsty. Enough so that it will force Allen to destroy such creatures, even if they are his friends.

Due to this Innocence being a part of Allen -- his left arm, to be exact -- he is a weapon. Destroying the Akuma and protecting humanity is the only purpose he has in life. It's the only way for him to feel alive. After being unable to fight in Hellbound Hallows, many failures to come, and an inability to fight Akuma for far too long . . . Allen's depression and anxiety will come to a head just as his Innocence's hunger goes over the edge.


LEVEL 1: Allen's left arm will go ballistic and begin hunting down every demonic/dark-aligned person in the carnival that signs up for this, controlling Allen's body like a puppet! It will take the form of his claw, pulling his body along and slashing at people. If his body gets too mangled or he fights it too much, Crown Clown's belts will then forcibly move his body like the strings of a marionette.

LEVEL 2: Inevitably, Allen will either one, become so near death, the Innocence will prioritize keeping him alive, or two, someone will restrain Allen's body enough that the Innocence can no longer move him.

How this stage goes is largely up to all of you! Either one of his "victims" restrains him or beats him bloody, or someone in patrol will stop him or beat him bloody. The goal is to keep this contained enough that the Ringmaster doesn't get involved before Allen gets caught, but the damage extensive enough that it's fun to play with!

Aftermath: Extreme guilt!!! Allen will publicly apologize before locking himself up forever. Or someone punches some sense into him and drags him back out. #squadgoals Depending on how badly he hurt some people, he may try to make it up to them with acts of service.

It's up to the RM what happens to him beyond that. Likely, his arm will be bound so it won't negatively affect carnival workers any longer.


Benny Hill: Allen's Crown Clown will chase after you without you getting too hurt. Great for comedy and small injuries!
Collateral: You're in the wrong place and the wrong time, buddy. You may not be demonic in any way, but you're still getting caught in the storm.
Injury: The furthest Allen will get is injury, from the smallest cut to the biggest gaping wound. You won't die! But there will be blood.
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