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This is a collection of the various info pages dedicated to fleshing out the narrative universe that Lost Carnival takes place in. Most of this is focused on the features and history of the carnival itself, but some of it also goes into the mechanics of the multiverse it tours, and the political landscape within it.

THE CARNIVAL: A basic rundown of the carnival's history, its rules, and how the in-game radio network functions.

CARNIVAL HISTORY: An in depth, long term timeline of carnival events, starting three years before the game opened. Those three years of history are present in order to allow characters apping in as veterans to understand what their character has been experiencing. This also contains write ups of each game-wide event since LC opened in October 2016.

YOUR FIRST DAY: (WIP) Soon to be a description of how exactly characters are recruited, and what they will do on their first day working for the carnival. This is meant to make it a bit easier to integrate into the game for new players.

FLORA & FAUNA: (WIP) A listing of notable flora and fauna that can be found on the carnival grounds, including wild specimens and creatures kept to be shown off as part of the menagerie.

MULTIVERSE THEORY: The multiverse is a crazy place, right? This page goes into detail explaining how the multiverse works according to Lost Carnival, and how different types of worlds are grouped together. It also explains the conceptual ties that bind the multiverse together, and the differences between realms and universes.