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  • If your character has an offensive power that you would describe as godlike, over powered, or capable of destroying an entire city and/or planet with one usage, then it needs to be capped. No ability should ever be able to destroy more than a couple city blocks worth of territory, potentially adding a couple more city blocks if the damage is more minor.
  • Abilities like this should not be used in quick succession, and should require significant effort to use. Essentially, your characters should not be able to nuke the entire game setting without anyone having the chance to stop them. If they are going to make a point of causing mass destruction, other characters should be able to have the opportunity to try to counter them.
  • The Ringmaster will almost always be capable of overpowering a player character if it comes down to it, as a part of the contract they've agreed to while working for her. Her ownership over them gives her the advantage, no matter how beefy they are.

  • Complete invulnerability to damage is not allowed, though characters can be highly resistant to most damage. They'll find that fae magic affects them more than average, and will be the thing to break their defenses if nothing else.
  • Super speed that is powerful enough to essentially freeze time for the user over a prolonged period is not allowed. This level of super speed can be used in small bursts that exhaust the user, however. Super speed that approximates the maneuverability of someone using localized teleportation is always A-OK.

  • Healing should generally not be a perfect solution to injuries. It can fix simple wounds like surface lacerations and couple broken bones, but massive fracturing or internal injury should take effort to cure, and should leave behind symptoms in the form of weakness or soreness. IE: someone getting stabbed through the heart should not be a quick fix.
  • Resurrection abilities can only be used if the character is freshly dead (less than 5 minutes), and require mod permission. They should generally only be used on one person per "scene" as it were.
  • Healing abilities always require OOC permission and are limited by what the player feels is interesting to play out. People often enjoy being able to play out injuries, so healing powers should not make that impossible on a logistical level.

  • All telepathy skills (mind reading, mind control) are generally going to be okay, as long as you always obtain OOC permission from the players you are affecting. Importantly, this includes affecting NPCs. Please ask the mod or player responsible for an NPC before assuming control over them. In terms of random, nameless NPCs, please remember to check with the mods before making assumptions in regards to your character's ability to control them or read their minds. The denizens of each new world could be different in ways you don't necessarily anticipate.
  • The key factor here is that telepathy must be fallible. Some characters will be able to resist, some will be impossible to read at all. It is your responsibility to find out before you make assumptions. Beyond that, try to keep it to affecting a dozen or less people at once, outside of special circumstances.

  • General "reality bending" powers should have functional limits, no matter how godly they are presented as in canon. If any problem can seemingly be solved with a reality bending power, it needs to be reconsidered. The specifics of how you cap this kind of power is flexible, however.

  • Teleporters can not leave or enter the carnival area with teleportation. Teleporting within the carnival or outside the carnival can follow the usual rules, however.
  • Teleporting is bound by the same rules as offensive powers. You can't teleport a cruise ship onto someone's head, for instance. Avoid anything bigger than a bus.