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Lost Carnival Mods ([personal profile] ringleaders) wrote2016-08-11 03:48 pm


You've heard this all before. Be nice to your fellow players, be nice to the mods. Don't drag OOC stuff into IC stuff, or vice versa. Keep the gossiping to a minimum. Don't be passive aggressive about other players or the mods. Ultimately, don't be a burden to roleplay with. If you have concerns about another player, discreetly talk to the mods about it, and we'll do what we can to work things out.

Don't power play, metagame, infomod, godmode, or otherwise cheat the system. Fill out forms that we need from you, because if you don't we reserve the right to dock you rewards points. Tell us ASAP if you're dropping, because if you idle out you won't be allowed back in for the next three months. Roleplay is a group activity, and communication is key.