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Contact: Plurk, AIM, whatever!
Other Characters:

Character Name:
Canon: Put "OC" for OCs.
Canon Point: Say what they were doing even if they are an OC.
Character Info: Please just link this, if you can. If you're playing an OC or a character without much information available on the internet, you can give us a brief run down here. Just make sure it's the short version.
Personality: We want to be able to have a good feeling for what kind of person they are from reading this, and so focus on hitting the major points about how they fit into their cast rather than giving details about minutiae. Please do not make this excessively long, meaning anything significantly over 1k words.
Abilities: There is a power cap in effect, so make sure to familiarize yourself with it before approaching this section. Please list all of your characters major skills and abilities, supernatural or otherwise. If it's something that sets your character apart from others we'd like to know about it, both for plot reference and to make sure no boundaries are being crossed. For powers that exceed the power cap, please explain its approximate power levels as they are shown in canon, and then explain how you intend on capping them to fit the setting.

Soul Colour: This can be pretty much any colour you think is appropriate, as long as its on the visible color spectrum. It should be something that fits your character, but the metric you use to judge that is flexible. Thematic character colours are good for this. However, don't put "black" or "white" unless your character is supernaturally pure or supernaturally evil. These are not colours that occur with people who are less than literal cosmic representations of good and evil.
Ideal Jobs: What kind of work would you like your character to do in the carnival? If you aren't sure what's available, this page is a good place to start. In playing a veteran character, you have a bit more control over their role in the carnival than you would for a character who just arrived fresh from canon. As long as you can sell us on them taking on the role in your AU carnival history, anything is potentially the table.
Relevant Experience: Expound on some experience, qualities, or skills that would make your character suitable for the jobs you are interested in. Sell us on why thy'd be a good pick for the role you've selected. This can include both canon experience, as well as steps you'd believe they'd take once working for the carnival. This is especially important if you are applying for a supervisor position.
Carnival History: PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS CARNIVAL TIMELINE BEFORE APPING A VETERAN. Give a summary of what your character has been up to since they joined the carnival. If you are applying for a supervisor position, please give us an idea of how you imagine they arrived in that position. Feel free to be creative, and we can hash out specifics once the rest of the application is approved.

If you are just applying for a regular veteran character without an authority position, then just give a general idea of how they've reacted to being within the carnival, and explain why they chose to stay past the deadline of their first year and a day contract - or, alternatively, how they screwed up and earned another year or two of debt. The longest a character can have been in the carnival is currently three years. Please include why or how they decided to join in the first place.

Existing Contract: Please specify what contracts with the Ringmaster your character has made during their stay. They will need to have a new contract for every additional year and a day they've stayed in the carnival, and may have a contract from their first year if they joined voluntarily, so please copy and paste this section as many times as you need. A year and a day contract is worth at least one of anything from the rewards page, though it can be more specific things.
Details: Please include the details of what exactly they received, or what they are expecting to receive. Direct aid from the Ringmaster in regards to homeworld conflicts is due to be paid once you have finished your work at the carnival.

Current Changes: Please list all changes your character has experienced since they joined the carnival. How many they have will depend on how long they have been a member, and their role.
  • SUPERVISOR: Maximum 1 Rare Change per year, minimum 1 Uncommon Change per year and Maximum 2 Uncommon Changes per year, unlimited Common Changes.
  • VETERAN: Maximum 1 Rare Change, 1-3 Uncommon Changes with a minimum of 1 each year, 4-8 Common Changes.

Please provide two roleplay samples of the following:
  • a link to a thread with at least 10 comments from your character.
  • a few paragraphs of prose resembling a thread starter with the character.


  • Applications are currently OPEN. They will be open indefinitely.
  • State your character's name, canon, and whether they were reserved in the comment title.
  • If you are applying as a Supervisor, please indicate so in your comment title.
  • Please link to your application in a comment below.
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